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The Program

Who: Students who want to explore new interests or deepen their knowledge in a familiar field

What: A 6-week program to create new career goals, fulfill ambitions, and learn different skills with a flexible, interdisciplinary curriculum. It consists of weekly guidance sessions with the Wanderer’s Point team coupled with collaborative and independent work. It’s expected that participants will commit 10 hours a week – 2 hours each weekday.

When: Monday, July 6 until Friday, August 14. In person sessions will be once a week on Tuesdays from 2-4 EST; the schedule for the rest of the week is up to you! Activity and reflection/project guidance will be provided out of session, and the flexible nature of this program will allow you adapt the program to your own time needs.

Where: The program is virtual so participants will need a computer and internet access. 

Why: Planning your educational journey – which will ultimately lead to a lifelong career – is a large task. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed with such major life decisions. At Wanderer’s Point, we help students:  

  • Collaborate with other “wanderers” – fellow students – and establish learning plans suited for their own needs

  • Discover goals you're passionate about with guidance from the Wanderer's Point team and your peers

  • Undergo a journey to accomplish or learn something new this summer

How (much): The program cost has been cut from $60 to $30 to ensure that it can be accessible for as many people as possible during this uncertain and crazy time that the world is in currently. We also welcome and accept additional contributions and donations at the end of the program. This type of generosity will help support those who want to participate, but face financial barriers. If you anticipate financial difficulties that would prevent you from being able to join the program, please contact us at and we will be happy to discuss a solution for you.

The Wanderers

Everyone is at a different stage in their journey. We've created a unique classification of wanderers; it can help identify where students are on their journeys and how we can best guide them to where they want to go.

The Camper

You are ready to begin this journey, but are unsure of which direction to choose. Let's help you find a starting point.

The Explorer

You're familiar with a few paths, but you can't travel them all at once. Let's discover which route(s) best suits your journey. 

The Climber

You're almost finished with your journey, but need that final push to get you through. Let's get you the tools you need to reach the top.  

Pause, Pivot, & Progress

These three stages are the core of the program’s structure, breaking down your journey in order to allow for you to reflect and plan for your goals. As a wanderer, you may be overwhelmed by the amount of possibilities ahead of you--by pausing, pivoting, and then progressing, you will be able to identify and achieve your goals in a more efficient manner.



Take a "pause" and identify your true goals. This part of the journey will require you to spend some time to self-reflection and self-discover. We want you to use that time to look at your present and past to find what our what your interests are. This will lead to you finding a career or goal that you're truly passionate about.

pivotsketch no shade.png


At this point, you are heading down one path, but want to explore another; you must "pivot" towards a new journey. You will explore alternate interests and how they can be meaningful.  



When you're ready to "progress," we will help you reach your destination. We provide you with resources that can guide you towards achieving what's best for your future. 

Are you ready to explore what motivates you? Join us on a journey of self-discovery by applying now!

Turn your passion into your future

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