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Our Story


"to guide students through their educational journeys to help find fulfilling life paths and careers connected to their deepest purpose and passion"

Many students struggle with recognizing what interests they want to pursue in the future, particularly during the important, decision-heavy years of college and beyond. This problem is only exacerbated by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in these past months, costing students their internships or ruining their summer plans. 

Wanderer’s Point was created as a response to this ever-present struggle faced by our peers and ourselves. With this program, we want to “change the narrative” and encourage participants to explore their unique interests outside of an educational institution, in a setting that supports self-guided learning and sharing.



Understanding that everyone's educational journey is different, we value each individual experience with higher education and want to be to help you reach your future career goals. 

Community Care 

We strive to a build community where everyone is heard and understood. Collaboration among students on different journeys and mentor guidance comprises our support system.


Take this time to learn more about yourself. Discover the different possibilities your future holds and which path resonates with you. We encourage self actualization through exploration. 



Hayden Sarpong

Hi, I’m Hayden, a Computer Engineering major at the University of Virginia. I am also a first generation African-American whose parents immigrated from Ghana. All my life, I have felt a burden to perform for my family to ensure that everything my parents had worked for is not for nothing but as I have continued to grow I realize that I can't live my life for my parents. 

Rachel Ding

Hey, I’m Rachel! Like other students, I wasn’t satisfied with the major I initially chose and panicked to search for alternatives. I’m happy to say that through personal research, bootcamps, classes, and extracurriculars, I’ve opened up some new, exciting paths for my future. I hope Wanderer’s Point will be able to do the same for you as I experienced during my own search!

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Fawzia Tahsin

Hello! Thanks to awesome resources, professors, and students at UVA, I intend to graduate with a double major in commerce and global public health. As a Southern Asian immigrant, I truly understand the feeling of studying a field that you were told to pursue. I want to help others find their true passion in life. So let’s stop living other people’s dreams and start living our own!

Terri Hollins

My first attempt at attending a university led me to drop out due to multiple factors; however, the biggest one was my lack of desire to continue my major. After some soul searching - about five years worth - I decided to give my education another try. I hope to inspire and guide others who've experienced similar uncertainty as they navigate their educational and professional journeys. 

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The development of Wanderer's Point would not have been possible without the support of HackCville as well as Alan Webb from Open Master's

With Alan's guidance and experience, we were able to consolidate our ideas under his facilitation and work on each step of the process with greater efficiency. His expertise in this field has given us extra confidence in the quality level of guidance that will provided to participants in this program.

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