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"Not all those who wander are lost."

J. R. R. Tolkien 

Welcome to the debut of Wanderer's Point: a space where college students whose plans have suddenly changed, been disrupted, or just aren’t clear yet can identify and pursue their true interests. We provide resources and guidance that bring you closer to self-actualization, no matter what is currently happening in the world.  


Open your mind to different possibilities. Follow interests you are truly passionate about to start a fulfilling life after or during college.


Discover more about your major and other alternative paths calling to you, which could lead you on a career journey in a surprising yet meaningful new field or direction.   


Design a mini-project of your choice - an art project, creative action in the community, presentation, video, reflective essay, or something else - that documents what you discover on your journey.  


Give and receive guidance with your fellow "wanderers". The more you collaborate, the more you learn. 

Ready to Wander?


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DISCLAIMER: Wanderer's Point is not directly affiliated with, sponsored by, nor endorsed by the University of Virginia.

 This is created by students for other students and wanderers like us.